About Us

About Us


-Is a chainproduct of the highest quality, -with carefully controlled properties.

-All component materials is controlled with great precision, and continuous monitoring are performed throughout the manufacturing process.

In addition to proof load tests, measurements and visual control are made throughout the manufacturing process.

Since the 1930s, machines equipped with Kohlswa chain are built in Sweden and northern Europe.

• Used in machinery in the forestry, transportation, hydro, waste separation and agricultural industry

• Composition of steel and heat treatment

gives the particular durability

• Available in 7 sizes

• Quality label on each link

• If damage or weared each link can be replaced individually


Our laboratory makes regular checks to ensure high quality raw material for all of our links.

Depending on the link dimension, the raw material is tailored for optimum strength.

The working loads specified are well proportioned to the chain will keep its promises.

"Our goal is to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.The goal is to improve the quality and to offer our customers more value for money than our competitors. "


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